Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Metal - From the set ...

Grip Van = Check

Rad Sound Girl, Renee = Check

Black Painted Nails = Check

Two of My Favorite Boys = Check

1am Trip to Whataburger = Check

The Vesperian Sorrow boys approve of our shenanagins.

Rocky our 2nd AC.

Leslie being a good script supervisor and taking copious notes.

Lauren our trusty Make-Up Artist.

Oh Karinne, you're such a weirdo. 

 All Night Shoot.

Our Zen DP, Andrew

Lighting the Pflugerville Police Station.

AC Jack ... so cute.

Are those dark circles under my eyes? Shit.

Pacos Tacos trip after equipment return with piercing blue-eyed Emmett (Gaffer).

Returning Equipment.

DP Andrew pretending to be cool at Best Buy.

Jack and Michael Conway! Double cute.

 Hmmm ...

Dominae working that net!

Light that van! Get it!

Andrew Tilley's back.

Super late night delirium.

Donni getting his make-up done.

Bones, bones and more bones.

Prepping the rock show.

Rocky has a different pair of eye glasses for every day of the week

Kelly, Leslie and Deneice!

Hi Jack!

I think Heather was tired.
The most awesome crew!