Friday, January 20, 2012

Sundance - Day One (The Misadventures Begin)

Me and my new free purple boots. Thank you Timbaland! Not sure I'll ever wear them ...

Chase and Kelly pre-flight. Kelly does smile (kind of).

The first gang on the scene. Me, Aaron (Slamdance Programmer and Doc Juror), Kelly (Hellion producer) and Steven Janisse (AFF Programmer)

It's late. Super late and I'm still up. Even after waking at the crack of dawn and rubbing elbows a the big opening night party with a ton of fancy people I didn't know. But so are Kelly and EJ. Kelly's in his room screening docs because he's on the documentary jury for Slamdance. And EJ's finishing up a fun little video we made at the office yesterday. It'll get uploaded first thing in the morning. Our juvenile antics will hopefully brighten your day. We'll be making videos every day or so and sending them out into cyberspace for your comedic enjoyment. Our Sundance adventures! So here we go. Day one of being an official Sundance filmmaker--

Our Delta flight carrying the SXSW team, Mr. Chase Whale, Kelly and myself touched down in Salt Lake around 2pm. We were only delayed ... ah, maybe 3 hours.

We checked in at our condo, where Steven Janisse, EJ and Aaron Marshall were anxiously awaiting our arrival. Actually they were out having pizza and having fun. We unpacked our bags then headed to Sundance headquarters. On the way (and why I love festivals so much) we ran into David Lowery (our good friend and editor) on the bus-- as well as (again!) the whole SXSW team.

Now, this is the fun part. Apparently when you're a director at Sundance, they give you free shit! I wanted the cool boy boots that they give away, but sadly they didn't have my size. So instead I got these kind of crazy purple snow boots. I guess these are what they think the girls like. I did get a bad ass winter coat which I love. I'll definitely wear the coat. Not sure I'll ever wear the boots. If you're interested in some purple snow boots, send me a note! And because my "entourage" of boys came with me, the TImbaland guy gave them a bunch of men's anti-wrinkle cream. No lie.

After dropping off the boots, up to Treasure Mountain to get Kelly checked in at Slamdance where we meet back up with Kelsey Coggin and Evan Roberts producer and director from the Slamdance short 33 Teeth. After a quick dinner at some brewery, we hike back down Main Street (down is better than up) where we run into David Fabelo (editor of Sundance short Fourplay Tampa) and Mr. Jason Wehling (Arts and Labor cohort and producer of Fourplay Tampa). I think they already had a few beers at this point. All of which led to an impromptu soiree at the condo before the big opening night Sundance party.

A few beers (and Diet Cokes) later, we all head over to the big opening night party where we stand in this crazy ass long line for a while where Jason and David get interviewed about their "sex movie".

We all know how much I suck at parties. BUT, I'm getting better I'm proud to say-- especially when you actually know people at these things. I ran into Nicholas McCarthy who I met in LA and who directed one of the midnight movies, The Pact. I can't wait to see it. I love horror. And I love ghost stories. And met Nick's producer Sam. Met Rodney Ascher, director of the Frontier film Room 237. And crazily enough ran into an old student Jamie Moore who's at Sundance making a doc on the Sundance film LUV. I think I heard Mr. Wehling screaming something from across the room at one point. After a few more beers, I'm sure. He'll be the life of the party this week.

I'm sure there's a ton more, but that's all I got for now. Wait for the video in the morning! I'm waking up early for an 8:30am screening of Your Sister's Sister. Also got tickets to (Mark will be so excited) Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie and a Brazilian film I know nothing about Father's Chair.

So far so good!

And word on the street (this one's for you Yen Tan) people LOVE the posters and are eating our buttons up like mad.

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Anonymous said...

Loving your blog, Kat! I write about women filmmakers for my blog, Her Film, and am stoked to come across yours. I'll be blogging about Sundance, too, specifically about the women filmmakers (writers, directors, and DPs particularly) who are taking their films to Sundance. Readers will be sure to find your name amongst the Her Film posts this week!

BEST OF LUCK with "Hellion"!

- Kyna Morgan