Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sundance - Day 7

Main Street Mayhem.

Dinner with the girls.

The girls (Ashlyn and Beth).

The days are dwindling as we near the end of our Park City adventures. Two more to go before heading back to warmer days in Austin.

Wednesday I caught up on a little work. I read one of the many students scripts in my inbox. Getting enough time in between everything to get into "work head space" is nearly impossible. I was commiserating with a fellow professor on the bus the other day about not being able to get anything done here. So I already warned my husband that this weekend I'll be consumed with script notes for my UT kids. I'm sorry UT kids for sucking at juggling all of this.

After staying in my jammies most of the morning, I showered and headed out to catch Carrie Preston's That's What She Said at the Library. I laughed my ass off with a sold out crowd. I've known Carrie for years through her husband. So it was really sweet coming into the festival with a friend outside of Texas.

I headed back to the condo to meet Kelly and head out for our Salt Lake City screening. We caught a ride in a fancy Acura sponsored Sundance vehicle with Driver Justin and the two Erins from My Best Day. It was a nice chance to catch up with the Erins about our weeks activities and compare notes.

Just barely in time, we walked into a sold out Salt Lake crowd. And in the lobby, lo and behold, we see our good friend Joe Malina from Austin, TX. I lit up, so happy to see his sweet, little face.

Aside from the volume being messed with at the beginning (it's supposed to be really really loud people, it's heavy metal), the audience seemed to love the short. Lots of laughs in all the right places and then some. We finally got to check out My Best Day. A sweet, small town tale filled with colorful characters beautifully performed by a bunch of New York actors. In particular I'm a new huge fan of Raul Castillo (Cold Weather).

For the first time since we've been here, we got a Q&A. You're not supposed to if you're in front of a feature, but I'm not sure the theater manager knew that. We got hit with several questions .. inspiration for the short? How many days shooting? What on? Babysitter story? I think they liked us because they kept laughing at our silly stories. Yes, we're weird.

Afterward we skipped the party to come home and stare at a wall and decompress. We needed some serious decompression. Day 7 ... the end.

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