Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sundance - Day 5 and 6

Getting snow plowed by Jonny Mars.

Having drinks with Dee Robertson (Holiday Road) at the Shorts Awards Party.
Farah ... being weird.

Kyle Henry, Renee, Beth and Ashlyn.

The Jupiter Bowl Shorts Award Party.

Sadly, this was going to the party, not returning home from it.

Me and Kelly after our radio interview.

Drew and Jonny after our radio interview.

Mars posing so I could get a picture of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) in the background. Shaved head guy to the left of Jonny.

Jonny's photo shoot at the radio interview.
Waiting for the bus early in the morning.

EJ interviewing Farah at the Redstone. Some man walked up to me, "Who's that woman?" I responded, "It's Farah."
The gang at the Redstone for our second screening.

Thank god Renee had her car to drive all of us to the theater in the snow.

Things are becoming a bit of a blur at this point. My thought processing skills have weakened and my lack of sleep has left me numb. So I'll try to keep it brief because often times pictures speak louder than words. And they're more fun.


1) Sleeping in for the first time. Well, sleeping in meaning waking up at 9am instead of 7am. But still I needed it.
2) Running into Jenn from LAFF and catching up on a trip over to the Prospector to see Kid-Thing.
3) I met up with Amy and Augustine to catch Kid-Thing and we wasted time talking Fassbender and watching Beyonce Youtube clips. As the theater filled up, I will say, it was sweet to see so many Texas faces in the Prospector auditorium for the Zellners. And our beloved boys didn't disappoint. Kid-Thing is a bittersweet reminiscing of those days as a kid wandering the woods and creating our own universe. And trying desperately to find a connection where sometimes there are none. And most importantly, what it means to be a good person and how to process that as a kid.
4) From the Zellners, I scrambled to meet the other half of my crew and drive over to the Redstone theater for our second screening. Still waiting to see it, but I think EJ got a lot of fun footage from the audience, our intro and the aftermath of the evening. That should hit the cybernet soon. Overall it was another great screening. A little bit of a different response from the first audience. Not as many laughs, but definitely more gasps. Afterward I opted to bypass a big party being thrown at the Holiday Road house and catch up on my inbox instead. I still have a slew of scripts staring at me to read and give feedback on. And I'm trying hard to get to it, but it's been such a whirlwind.

1) Jonny, Kelly, Drew and I woke up early and headed up to the Harley Davidson store on Main Street to do a radio interview for .... some Salt Lake City radio people who I can't remember who it was right now, but I'm sure we'll figure it out and get the podcast. Needless to say, it was fun. Five minutes tops and a photo shoot.
2) Spent some time with Kelly at the Headquarters where we ran into Karinne and Don Hertzeeldt, Alec from Lone Star Film Fest and some other random folks.
3) Kelly and I headed back over to the Eccles, where my friend Ava DuVernay was about to screen her debut feature Middle of Nowhere. And it was stunning. Fantastic performances and beautifully beautifully shot. And I ran into a Tribeca All Access friend randomly.
4) Then dinner with Alec and some short filmmakers back at our favorite Main Street spot Flanagans. The poor waitress we had at 10am was still there at 7pm and apparently would be there til close. And then off to the Shorts Award Party at the Jupiter Bowl. It was nice by this point to know so many folks in the room-- new friends, Texas friends, old friends. Sadly we didn't win anything, BUT we did score something maybe even better. We ran into Mike Judge who was on the shorts jury. And when he realized who we were he blurted out-- "I fucking love that short!" He gave us so many sweet compliments that just made our night. We talked Austin, Arts and Labor, our mutual friend and sound designer, Eric Friend (Hellion, King of the Hill) as well as small town Texas. So yeah, that kind of made our entire night. Maybe our entire trip.
5) On the way home with Karinne, a drunk Jonny Mars and Kelly, I finally got snow plowed by Mr. Mars. After several earlier attempts, he finally threw me into a heaping pile of snow at one in the morning. I was drenched in snow from head to toe, and freezing cold screaming at him. And by the time we made it to our 7-11 destination to get toilet paper and snacks, Jonny realized his phone fell out in the snow where he took me down. So we had to trudge back up there and look like idiots digging through snow and trying to listen for his buried ring tone while a drunk guy passed us on the sidewalk, "What are you guys doing?"
6) The end of the night involved: our crew getting kicked out of a hot tub (Kelly, Karinne and I stayed behind), two local girls wandering into our condo in their underwear after getting kicked out of the hot tub and a dance party in Farah's condo. Ah youth.

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