Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 4 (The Weirdos at the Party)

The Shiningesque hotel where they hosted the IFP dinner.

Mars and Aaron Marshall at Slamdance. And some weird dude in a hat.

Kyle super happy because of his crazy swag. And Wehling. It was one insanely hilarious night. So much that my stomach was aching from laughter.

Our new friends Erin and Erin from My Best Day at the IFP dinner.

Kat and Mars at the IFP dinner. I don't remember why we were looking like that. Maybe because of the singer songwriter playing on stage while we ate?

Our very fancy dinner spread. Although they forgot to give us napkins. At first we thought it was just a rich person thing.

Kyle, Jason and Jonny eyeing a miniature of the hotel.

Me and Kelly Williams. Looking cool.

Me and the Mike Akel. I miss this guy!

First thing's first, I'm sleeping in tomorrow. All the movies I wanted to see ... sold out. Which was a sign. A sign that I need to read the 25 student scripts that hit my inbox today and start sending back notes. I miss my UT kids!

Once again, it's late. EJ's cutting new videos (quite a few) to upload tomorrow. Jonny's roaming around in his PJs and the rest of the crew are out at parties.

Here is Day 4 in a nutshell cause I'm freaking tired--

1) Great meeting with the San Francisco Film Society about upcoming grants.
2) Outfest Brunch where they took my picture on the red carpet. "Me? For real? Okay."
3) Interview with a house full of Elon University kids.
4) Getting stuck at the Slamdance Headquarters where football was on huge screens everywhere.
5) Fancy schmancy dinner for the IFP with Kyle, Jason and Jonny (and Rebecca Hall) where we came home with insane gift bags. Silver plated flash drives, what? Really?

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