Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 2 and 3 (Our wintery snowed in mountaintop adventure)

Me and my dear friend Michael. A sweet surprise at our screening that brought tears to my eyes.

It's cold. Damn cold.

The boys trying to look all important. But looking like total dorks.

Me and the boys. I love this photo.

My first Getty Image photo. I feel cool now.

The Hellion gang.

The wonderful and absolutely lovely Kelly Sears at the Director's Brunch. We were bus buddies.

Our bus mishap. Broken down cars climbing mountaintops.

Me and Drew at the crack of dawn.

Farah and Stephen. Sexy faces.

Again, it's super late and I'm extremely, utterly, "oh my god please just give me a pillow" tired. I'm functioning on 4-5 hours of sleep each night and it ain't pretty.

I'll start with Day 2. Okay, let me remember what day it is ... okay, it's Saturday-- so Friday Kelly and I hit up an 8:30am screening of Your Sister's Sister. Totally enjoyed it. Beautiful performances. Then a full day of meetings, more crew members and cast members arriving, dinner at a really really fancy restaurant on Main Street that I would never be able to afford on my own, running into friends at a few parties with Jonny and Farah, meeting lots of great filmmakers, programmers and then going to see Tim and Eric. Note to self-- if you haven't gotten any sleep, do not go to the midnight screenings. Bad, bad decision. Even if Kelly begs and pleads you to go-- say "No, Kelly".

Day 3
Woke up to freezing temperatures and heavy falling snow. This was the morning of our big director's brunch. While waiting at headquarters for the shuttles, I met the very sweet, Anna Mussoa, director of the short L Train. We talked teaching, good moms and how words of inspiration have long lasting impressions. Then I found my bus buddy and one of my favorite Texas filmmakers, Kelly Sears. We sat next to each other on the way to and from the Sundance Lodge where we'd brunched with all the Sundance directors and the man, himself, Mr. Robert Redford.

But here's where things get freaky. The whole bus ride up the mountain, all I could think about was The Sweet Hereafter. Snow everywhere, little fall offs from the road. It's horrible to say, but it's true. We're creeping up the mountain with about 30-40 filmmakers in tow until we come to a dead stop because a car broke down. Traffic is stuck both ways. Luckily a fireman showed up and helped the poor girls who had to push and turn their car around to go down the hill instead of up. Then the filmmakers who threatened to walk the rest of the way and created a bit of a stir got back on the bus. But the bus then inched it's way along. So the bus driver sent those of us in the front to go stand in the back where I saw my friend Rhys (The Thing) and we chatted for a bit while. And lo and behold because we alleviated the front weight of the bus, it finally gained traction and made it up the hill. Physics at work at Sundance, who knew? Unfortunately the third bus (the one directly behind us) wasn't so lucky. It crashed into some cars or something like that. No one was hurt but all kinds of rumors swirled through the brunch tables of what happened to "the third bus". Needless to say the weather today turned in a big way.

So at brunch and after downing a mimosa (I don't drink and the altitude made me a little-- loose) I visited with old friends (the Zellners, Kyle Henry, Carrie Preston), new friends (Rhys Ernst, Rodney Ascher, Erin Greenwell, Nick McCarthy) watched the likes of Mike Judge and Juliette Binoche wander around and listened to Robert Redford's annual inspirational speech. And yep, I had tears in my eyes. And yes, I was completely inspired.

I had to scramble to get home after a slow slow crawl back to Park City (again with my bus buddy, Kelly). The stress of getting back to my condo to get ready for our premiere combined with my major lack of sleep sent me into a tail spin of anxiety. So I came home as our cast and crew went to dinner and I made Kelly stay behind to calm my frayed nerves. He's good at that.

And now comes the fucking awesome part. We all got to the Yarrow Theater at 5pm to meet our shorts liason Kylie (who we love!!!). We headed to the holding room (aka the green room) where there were free snacks and the Wireimage photographer came and took your photo against the Sundance backdrop. I almost started crying a million times just pacing around and taking photos with everyone. And then lo and behold my old dear friend Michael Emerson (from jumping off bridges) shows up and I couldn't help but start crying. We go back. To when I was a fifteen year old kid in Jacksonville and taking Shakespeare workshops from him.

Our screening was ... fucking awesome. The audience laughed and laughed. More than any other audience we've screened for. It was an pretty fucking amazing experience. It's kind of hard to describe. After my introduction from introduction, we watched Hellion then hung out at the bar where my high school friend, Katie showed up! All said and done-- a really really wonderful night.

Right now the six drunk boys I'm sharing my condo with are talking (rather loudly, well, mostly Mars talking too loud). I won't go into details about their hilarious conversation that's making my stomach hurt, because sometimes drunk conversations shouldn't be repeated.

For me, I think it's time for bed. Our premiere = Done. And kick ass.

Tomorrow ... another Sundance day filled with brunches, IFP dinners, meetings and hopefully, hopefully one movie.


Mike Hedge said...

such a great recap!

Deneiceo said...

This is so wonderful Kat! I'm so stoked for you guys. I'm gettin all teary-eyed over here!

GFOX said...

I truly wanted to be at Sundance, supporting friends screening there this year. Alas, I got into the game too late.
I don't think I've ever in my life been visited by envy . . . until now! As I gaze upon the photo of you and Micheal, my world has suddenly grown dim. As if chiseled from massive blocks of ice, sharp edges of the cursed word tumble upon me: E-N-V-Y. Oh, the pain! 
Nevertheless, I shall heal; and, if you see our old friend, Michael, again, please give him my heartfelt greetings. Same to anyone else up there who may confess to having any knowledge of me.
I'm truly glad you're having a great time, Kat! (OW! That pain again!)
PS: If, upon return, you have any sort of debriefing soirĂ©e, please count me in! Coming up are two weeks in LA, then a week in Nashville. But, if I'm in Austin, I'd love to attend.