Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Countdown Begins

I’m Ready! I’m Ready! "Kind Of" Checklist:

1) My official Sundance winter coat has been decided. I’m not embarrassed to say I tried on at least 10 different winter coats friends lent me probably 10 times each to determine the fashion to warmth ratio. I decided on the one that doesn’t make me look like a weird marshmallow but will still keep me toasty. Thank you dear husband for suffering through “Does this look okay? What about this? Too puffy? What about this bunchy part near my butt?”

2) “Intern Kevin, I love you. But only in an intern/boss kind of way.” Intern Kevin has created a beast of an itinerary for me. Pie charts, flow charts, calendars, pop up videos … okay, maybe not pop up videos, but with the flood of invites you get (parties, workshops, dinners, drinks, desserts, tennis matches …) the week in Park City was giving me mini panic attacks. So Intern Kevin has organized my life like the bad ass that he is. “Intern Kevin, you are getting one ‘holy shit awesome’ letter of recommendation this semester!”

3) The Target travel aisle and I have become close intimate friends these last few weeks. Together we’ve created “Kat’s Mini Portable Pharmacy”. You name it, I got it: aspirin, aleve, lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, packages of tissues, Vitamin C, Emergence-C … I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick!

4) Almost all of our promotional materials have arrived. We’ll be armed with postcards, posters, buttons, T-shirts, business cards (with special links to the film), regular business cards. If you see us, please take something from us. The more promotional materials we get rid of, the more room in our suitcases for the pot of gold swag that our friends keep telling us you get everywhere at Sundance.

5) Lastly … breathe, Kat. I’m trying to just chill out and enjoy everything from here on out. We’ve worked our butts off leading up to this whole Park City madness, so now I’m ready to just step back and savor every second of it. Just enjoy the people, the new friends, the movies, the beautiful Sundance experience.

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