Friday, January 06, 2012

Anxiety Girl

It's Friday afternoon-- or maybe it's evening? The sun is almost down so maybe evening is more appropriate. Okay, it's evening.

My insides are spinning. There's a mini panic attack swarming my brain. Sundance is literally around the corner and we're trying to keep our heads above water in a major way. Hellion premieres on Saturday, January 21st at the Yarrow Theater and before our little feet land on the snowy sidewalks of Park City-- we got shit to do. It's basically "Yay we got in to Sundance! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" then it's all, "Holy shit, we have SO much to freakin' do."

Just to catch my dwindling readers up on the last several months of what's been going on because basically for a good long while tumbleweed practically rolled through my blog.

So here's catching up on the misadventures of Kat Candler.

1) Finished a fantastic semester at UT. Gearing up for another one as well as splitting a screenwriting class with Bryan Poyser over at Texas State.
2) Love Me shot and is hopefully (I think) in post-production-- to be released next fall through Cambio and Anchor Bay.
3) Finished up yet, many more drafts of Nikki is a Punk Rocker and I'm psyched to say we start going out to cast this month. The ball is rolling.
4) The Hellion feature that Kelly, Jonny and I had tossed around last October after wrapping the short is in the midst of being written. Trying to wrap up a solid draft this month. That also includes putting together a Look Book which we'll take to Park City.
5) And then prepping all things for the short Hellion which include, buttons, t-shirts, posters, postcards, master tapes, correspondences, press, more press, festival and distribution requests ...
6) One or two more drafts of Death Metal although since the whole Sundance thing, it's taken a minor back burner. I have a lot to wrap my head around with that one.

And old student and friend came to visit the other day and was like, "What do you do during the day?" When I started to rattle off everything on my daily agenda he was all, "Okay, never mind, you're super busy." And I'm all, "I know, right?"

I promise to write more. Cross my heart.

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