Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are you there blog, it's me Kat?

Because I was at my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law's baby shower today and got the loaded question from several family members, "Soooo, what are you working on these days? Are you still doing movies?" I figured I'd put it all down and point people in this general direction.

Yes. I am always and forever working on movies ...

1) We shot a short film, Hellion with a kick ass-tastic cast and crew. We're in post now. Look for Hellion this spring, coming to a festival near you. You can check out some of the on set photos here.

2) Writing movies. Lots of 'em. All kinds of 'em. Every morning you can find me at my favorite coffeeshop in my favorite booth (second from the last), tap tapping away at my keyboard. Earphones are stuffed in my ears to avoid the bad muzak versions of bad 90s tunes. Every so often the employees (who know me by name) ask, "Which one you working on this morning?"

3) Going to Canada next month to watch my teen thriller screenplay, Love Me be shot for a few weeks. Dolphin Entertainment and Anchor Bay Films are producing. You can watch the trailer for Dolphin's latest web series, H+ here.

4) Getting into the IFP's Emerging Narrative section for my teen comedy script, Nikki is a Punk Rocker. Bad ass "Intern Beth" and I head to NYC in September for a week to try and grow that little sucker some legs.

5) I'll be back at UT in the fall for my normal Advanced Narrative class ready to inspire the next generation. I had to drop Texas State cause of an insane fall travel schedule but hope to be back in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - this is Pete Bauer. My work firewall won't let me post a comment using my normal login ID.

Anyway, so glad to get an update! I check your website often and I was getting worried :)

Great that you are so busy working on a number of projects. I'm envious. Keep up the updates!