Monday, February 07, 2011

Metalocalypse Marathon

Mark's watching a Metalocalypse marathon. He's kind of obsessed. Every time I look up from my computer someone's eye just got ripped out or a muscle metal dude with a lisp is floating in an ocean of blood.

My little motion picture world is moving forward. Last year was basically slow and a little craptastic, but 2011 has been a whole lot rosier. We attached a lead actress to The Spider in the Bathtub. And trust me, she's so freakin' perfect. She was at the very tip top of our list. We still have a few more pieces to attach before setting a start date. Starting with a badass Director of Photography. I made a list (that are probably out of my reach), but, c'mon man, that's why they're called "wish lists".

And speaking of casting, Love Me went out to cast this week ... starting with my number one. I'm holding my breath and turning blue in the face while we wait and cross our fingers and toes super crazy tight. Please, oh please, oh please.

And finally Nikki is a Punk Rocker is in the hands of the badass ladies I want to write the music for my fictitious band, Riff Randall. These girls-- in this particular band ... kind of rule. And they'd make the movie rule. And that-- would rule.

Have to go finish a lecture for classes tomorrow. And speaking of students ... stay tuned for the short film, Archetype that an old student, Zach Parris wrote and FX character designer Aaron Sims directed. I'm crazy proud.

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