Sunday, January 02, 2011

Go Bobcats!!!

I'm waiting. I'm not a big fan of waiting. I'm anxious and fidgety. I suck at sitting still. Ask my husband. It drives him batty. But I swear I've been good and patient the last month (stupid holidays!). But it's almost time to hear back.

I'm waiting for notes on Nikki is a Punk Rocker from someone I'm hoping will say-- (picture a cigar dangling from her mouth) "Kat, darling- dollface- I love the script. I got a few notes that'll take about a week and then we take it out, package it with you as the director, get a classy dame to play the mom and we start shooting by summer." Wouldn't that be sweet? Unfortunately, I know that's not always (or hardly ever) the case. But it would be savory, nonetheless. Please let me be that rare breed where shit falls into place without question, without confusion, without those big orange and white road barricades.

What else does 2011 hold for dear little Kat? Waiting to hear about another script I optioned in June and whether the original theatrically slated teen thriller feature will turn into a 6 part teen thriller web series. I'm cool either way. I love, love, love the people I'm working with. I think that might be unusual ... development people that you actually like and enjoy collaborating with.

Waiting to hear on potential cast for Spider. Not holding my breath. I never do. Disappointment's a bitch. But if you're already expecting it-- it doesn't sting quite so bad.

Fun, crazy new teen comedy/horror/supernatural script with Toddy in the works. We're trying to lock down our initial 20 some odd page outline so we can move into the first draft. I've been revisiting every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as inspiration.

Love Bug hasn't slowed down yet. It's scheduled to play a bunch more festivals this Spring. That cute as a cupcake, Turtle Thompson!

And lastly, I'll be back at UT this spring as well as-- surprise-- Texas State University- teaching a new batch of fresh, doe-eyed students about the wonderful world of filmmaking. Go ... wait, what's the mascot for Texas State ... Bobcats!!!

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