Monday, October 04, 2010

Dude, where you at? Where you been?

I'll keep it quick and to the point.

1) I'm at UT teaching the cool RTF kids about making motion pictures.
2) I'm at Einstein's Bagels on the drag meeting with students, friends or writing on my third draft of Nikki is a Punk Rocker or the Untitled Family Comedy with Toddy (coolest writing partner eva')
3) I was at the Fantastic Festival watching a smattering of gory genre gems about serial killer tires, deadly Santa Clauses and ambulance chasing lawyers.
4) I'm at the Galaxy movie theater watching The Social Network and Wall Street 2 on some of the prettiest screens in town.
5) I'm at home eating lunch (Amy's Palak Paneer dinner with pretzels) and watching episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent (I'm hoping praying they add the new SVU to Netflix soon).
6) I'm at Spider House continuing to revise Nikki is a Punk Rocker from earlier in the day and sharing a table with a homeless guy who talks to himself.
7) Soon I'll be in Dallas for David Lowery's wedding. Yay!
8) And after that I'll be at the Austin Film Festival on panels, watching movies and hanging out with all my rad out of towner friends!!!

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