Thursday, September 16, 2010

Austin Film Fest in the House

I'll be at the Austin Film Festival next month for a variety of reasons:

1) I'll be on some panels, round tables and the like. Of course, I'll be surrounded by way cooler and way more credited people than myself. But I'll put my two cents in when it doesn't sound completely stupid and naive. "Please don't make yourself look like an ass, Kat".

2) The first script Toddy and I wrote, Never Date a Teen Idol made it into the semi-finals of the comedy section. So Toddy's getting her butt down to Austin from the great north east to hobnob with me. We were joined in the comedy section by my good friend Aaron Marshall with his script Fig Hunt: The Quest for Battle Armor Star Captain. So we'll be beating the crap out of Aaron in the mean time to eliminate the competition.

3) Plus I just love AFF because it brings a lot of friends from Los Angeles to Austin where we get to hang out and catch up. Good times ahead.

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