Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm having a hard time keeping up with this blog because I'm totally lame. After being stupid crazy busy with UT film camps for two weeks and being in LA the week before that, I've neglected you little blog. I'm so sorry, little guy.

What I learned in Kid's Film Camp the last two weeks:

1) Teen girls LOVED Eclipse. I mean LOVED it.
2) When you watch a camera fall off a tripod because one of the kids didn't put it on right, it really does fall in slow motion.
3) Kids love Wendy's Frostys.
4) Teen girls like montages of themselves trying on different outfits to pop rock music.
5) Teens are super duper smart.

But now that kid's camp is done for two weeks and I have time again, I need to get back to script rewrites. Hoping to get a new draft of what was formerly called Brother-In-Law out by the end of August. We're working with a kick ass manager who's guiding us through the rewrite process on this one. It will have a new title. We're just not sure what that is yet. We had a bit of a character shuffle trying to make our protagonist a little more likeable. We need you to love him. I think we're making that work now. Ok, back to work!

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