Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Google Searches and Scripts

Toddy and I are in our second draft of our R rated comedy, Brother-In-Law. It's been a daunting task trying to prep it for a return to LA next month. But we're having a gosh darn good old time living in the Hornblower's f-ed up world and hanging out with our goofball characters.

As part of writing scripts we do a lot of research. We watch movies and read books. For this one, here are a few.

1) Wall Street
2) Bonfire of the Vanities
3) Liar's Poker
4) Trading Places
5) The Phantom of the Opera

And we're constantly google searching random phrases such as--

1) "Michael Crawford Interviews"
2) "Notorious B.I.G. Videos"
3) "CDO Equities"
4) "A Cappella Festivals"
5) "Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics"
6) "Quantum Mechanics"
7) "Cutesy Names"
8) "Stimulant Pharmaceuticals"
9) "Heart Attack Symptoms"
10) "Penis Rashes"

I bet you're curious, huh? "Just what the hell is this Brother-In-Law script all about?" Trust me, it's silly, dumb, low brow humor with a big, fat heart. And hopefully something totally different from anything else we've done so far.

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