Sunday, May 02, 2010

Don't Be Afraid of Katie Holmes

I totally suck at blogging these days. Too busy writing other things I guess. Don't I have a life? What else do I do?

1) Watch a ton of 70s made for television horror movies. Don't ask me why. But some of them are actually quite good.
2) Go see movies like Nightmare on Elm Street on a Friday night at the Galaxy Theater (BPE = Best Projection Ever!)
3) Drink a lot of iced tea from Jimmy Johns, Chipotle or Einstein's Bagels. I don't buy food from these places, just iced tea. Chipotle's is the best.
4) This is quite sad. My life is kind of lame.
5) Wait, just today I spent about 10 minutes doing silly dances in front of the TV singing "Boring! Boring! Boring!" while my husband tried to watch some stupid National Poker thing on TV. It was totally boring.

This is one of the horror TV movies I liked. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. And I just noticed Katie Holmes is doing a remake. But of course.

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