Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twists and Turns

The end of the semester is upon us. And looming deadlines. So I spend most of my days tucked away at Einstein's Bagels tapping away at my trusty little Mac Book. Either putting together my class outlines and lectures or brewing up crazy adventures in screenplays.

I'm about to sign another option agreement on a script. We've been back and forth on the contract since January. But I think we've reached an agreement. Oh contracts. Gotta love 'em. Or not.

Toddy and I will be out in LA again in June. We'll have our Brother In Law script in tow. Since we got back from our last LaLa land excursion last March, we've been hard at work. We're a few days from a first draft and will spend all of May cranking out a 2nd and 3rd draft. It's pretty ridiculous and nutty. In a good way. It's my job, dude. This is what I do.

And when it's not my turn with the Brother In Law, I'm working on my own stuff. I'm about 50 pages in on a 2nd draft of The Child Thief. It's taken a whole new angle that I'm psyched about. Less ghost, more psychological. I'm liking it a lot more now.

And lastly, I'm desperately trying to convince Toddy to do a campy horror film next. I can feel the tug of resistance. Horror isn't her thing. BUT I know we could write something pretty great. With our mad comedy skills and my mad love for horror ... sky's the limit. Plus I keep fleshing out this cool idea in my head that I think would AWESOME! Now I just have to convince her of the awesomeness.

WRITING ADVICE #1 - Twists and turns. When you think to go right, go left. It's something I constantly have to remind myself. Keep 'em guessing.

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Clare said...

Ironically, given our conversation today, there is a line in Cars when an elder statesman race car tells the young whippersnapper race car "if you want to go left, turn right." Must be a sign from the universe that you should see that movie. Maybe there is a Pixar script waiting in the wings for you!