Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Little Hamster Wheel

I hereby vow to read one Black List script a week. Preferably ones that haven't made it to the screen. So far I've read, The Muppet Man, The Beaver and Buried. It's nice to read something that's considered "oh my god this is so freakin' awesome" by the Hollywood folk. And it's nice to read something you don't have a comparison to on screen. All you get is what's on the page. It's a nice education. It makes you realize what gets Heads of Development excited. And in turn, makes you work that much harder.

And I also vow to try and come up with one new story idea every day. Just a simple log line. It can be totally lame or it can be totally brilliant. But to just keep that little hamster wheel of creativity turning in my head.


Shane said...

I love "The Beaver," especially the graduation speech at the end! I only read the end of "Muppet Man," though, the only part that seemed really good.

Kat Candler said...

oh man, the whole thing of MUPPET MAN is awesome. i wept. WEPT at the end. i made the mistake of reading it in a very public place.