Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Shit - Fun Days

A fun pre-production few days with Shit! Last night the ever so awesome Ellen (production designer) and I scoped out the set again (my sister in law's house). Between writing down measurements and taking pictures, my niece and nephew ran around in fairy costumes laughing and jumping over things. So freakin' cute.

Today Nancy (producer) and I canvased the set neighborhood making sure all the neighbors were cool and would promise not to mow their lawns or let their pit bulls run free while we were shooting. One older woman asked, "So, what's the movie about?" -- "Uh, hmmm ...". I stammered a little. But luckily she didn't slam the door in our face when I told her it was about a little girl spewing profanities. So yay for cool neighbors!

And tonight Ms. Deneice (costumer) and I hung out with our little star, Jasmine, figuring out crazy costumes. She's gonna look super crazy cool.

We've locked our jib. Pretty much locked our dolly. And I can breathe a little easier heading to LA next week. I'll still stress out as the days go by, but I'm lucky to have an amazing crew who will basically be badasses in making this itty bitty film come to life at the end of the month. So yay for badasses.

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