Saturday, March 13, 2010

Metric Inspired

So I outlined a teen romance last fall, turned in two versions and then forgot about it. Months later I get the call from the producer that they're ready to hand off notes to me and one other writer that's up for the job. They want a revised outline by the end of the month. Problem is-- I wasn't quite feeling the outline that they picked of the two I turned in. And I'm sure it's for all the same reasons they pointed out in their notes. But after having a talk with the director yesterday and diving back in with a fresh start, I'm getting super excited. It's kind of a complete overhaul. Figuring out what they responded to in the last one, taking those pieces and giving it a new spin.

So I'm listening to Metric in my hotel lobby and fleshing out my leads. The newer version of these teen characters I can relate to and find great affection for. I'm getting giddy thinking about it again.

I've got another conference call with the whole team on Tuesday, I need to come to the table with a pretty solid pitch. But the more I wrap my brain around it and the more defined the character pieces become, the more my heart is finding its way onto the page.

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