Friday, March 12, 2010

And so it's begun ...

This two hour time difference is breaking me. I'm wide eyed and ready to go by 6am and crashing hard around midnight. I'm a total wuss when it comes to lack of sleep. To counterbalance the weary mind, I've been secretly sipping Diet Cokes (that I publicly disowned three months ago). Screw it. What happens in LA stays in LA.

So far Toddy and I have had some pretty awesome meetings. The people we've met have been super nice. We've gotten incredible feedback on our little teen comedy. And we're slowly realizing that (without representation) we got hooked up with a bunch of really important meetings. Let's just say, we have two little angels that believe in us and are looking out for us. And I don't use angels lightly.

We have one more packed day of meetings together and then Toddy heads home. And I'm stuck to pitch, wow and charm all by my lonesome. Let the nail biting, fumbling and stammering begin.

After today, I'm anxious to decompress with good food and friends. And wrap my brain around this whirlwind adventure we've had. And then start a less crazed week of meetings again on Monday (all alone).

The one thing we've learned-- next time we'll be back for at least a week or two. There've been too many opportunities for follow up and referred meetings. You live and learn.

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