Saturday, February 13, 2010

Marathonin' It

No sir, I'm not running the marathon this year. Nor will I run the marathon ever, ever, ever again. I did it once in 2006 with these two gals and I checked it off of my "Life's List of To Dos". In fact after I crossed the finish line that freezing cold February morning, I turned to Stacy and said with tears running down my face, "I don't ever want to do this again." And I meant it. I went on to run the half the following year, but since then, my mileage taps out at about 5 miles. My little knees, my arm and my IT band said, "No more, thank you."

But I will say, I'm excited for everyone who is running the marathon or half marathon tomorrow. Team TexFX, Owen and Yuta. I'm not sure who else. If you see the mob of runners tomorrow morning, sweating and panting through the streets of Austin ... cheer them on. Tell them they can do it. Tell them they're awesome. Tell them they're rockin' it hard core. Because every single one of them are rock stars in my book.

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