Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Don't Want to Write

I went through a two week writing lull. I'd stare at my computer. Procrastinate with Perezhilton.com and Oh No They Didn't celebrity gossip sites. I'd psych myself out (in a really whiny voice) "I don't feel like writing. I'm so uninspired. I just want to watch endless episodes of Law and Order SVU and eat turkey sandwiches. Boohoo for me." Maybe it's because I haven't had any looming deadlines. Or self imposed deadlines. Or making my library writing dates.

So this is what I have to say to you, Kathleen Susanne Candler. "Buck up little lady. Stop watching Law and Order episodes (except at the gym). Start writing you lazy booty head!!!"

Sometimes I just need to watch a movie for inspiration. Sometimes I just need to read a book. My mental state right now, I just need to kick my own ass and open Final Draft and get to work.

I was just telling Toddy today. My new goal each year is to wrap up at least two of my own scripts and at least one with Toddy. Three scripts a year is totally totally doable.

Last year I wrapped up Love Me, Captain Dynamo and the Boy Rangers and Never Date a Teen Idol. This is not a hobby. This is a job. This is how I pay bills. Simple as that.


Pete Bauer said...

I am so with you. I was inspired and wrote a romantic comedy feature in two weeks. Now I'm back to working on scripts that I have struggled with... I am so tired of working on them, but I feel it is good because 1) they're good ideas 2) it's good to develop discipline and write everyday if possible.

But, boy, it is tough some times. I'll find nuggets of joy once I start writing, like structuring a new scene or writing a funny character exchange... but getting started... ugh.

And, since we started Sonlight Pictures as a real company, I look at it as my job too.

BTW - I may be in Austin this summer (June). Maybe we can get lunch.

Kat Candler said...

Of course we can grab lunch! I'd love that. After all these years of being Internet buddies. :)

Now that I've pushed myself back into writing mode it feels good. And I'm getting good work done. AND my writing partner and I have new deadlines so that's always a plus.