Friday, February 12, 2010

The Child Thief - Round One

At a page count of 101, it's not bad for a first draft. Mind you, it's rough and ragged and frayed around the edges. But I think the structure is there (for the most part). I've got a bazillion notes on random pieces of paper for myself to head into the next draft with. But I'll print out my 101 pages and pour through it scene by scene, line by line. I'll have my red pen ready to mark it all up. Rounding out the characters, threading bits and pieces, defining more relationships ... But so far I'm pretty happy. Don't get me wrong, it needs work. A lot of work still, but I'm happy to have 101 pages to fiddle with.

My next deadline, February 26th. I'll hand it over for a new set of eyes to rip it to shreds. I love you, deadlines!

P.S. I got an iPhone. I love you, little iPhone. I don't quite understand you yet. But I love you.


Anonymous said...

I got an iPhone last week. I sure hope it lasts for several years cause it will take that long for me to figure out. LOL Awesome title BTW.

Kelsey's mom

Roland Alonzo said...

Oh iPhone is amazing! It can do wonders!

Congrats on your pages! Should be exciting!