Friday, February 05, 2010

Bad Horror Films vs. Good Horror Films

In my humble opinion ...

Bad Horror Films Do This:
1) Really fast MTV style cuts
2) David Fincher, Seven rip off cinematography (dirty, grimy, greenish yellow)
3) Opening montage title sequences with newspapers, shocking images flashing by.
4) Torture scenes that do or say nothing about the story but are simply gross and not scary.
5) Lame characters that you have NO emotional connection to.
6) Plot points or supernatural events that make no sense. You can totally do crazy stuff but you have to establish rules for your world and obey the rules you set up. Once everything at the end of the film is revealed you have to be able to start the film over with that information and it should all make sense. Especially with ghosts.
7) Inconsistent tone.
8) That thing they do where a head twists and turns in fast motion. Not scary.
9) Are Executive Produced by Michael Bay

Good Horror Films Have:
1) A good story!!!!!
2) Interesting characters that you can emotionally connect to and care about.
3) Subtlety
4) Class
5) Restraint
6) Being true to the story and not having crazy camera work or edits just to have crazy camerawork and edits.
7) A good story.


Clare said...

Although not a huge fan of the horror genre in general, I completely agree. In my own humble opinion, The Shining is the scariest movie ever made and it matches none of your Bad Film criteria and all of your Good Film criteria.

ctxphotoman said...

#6- Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I see you have an image from The orphange...Is that consider a good or bad horror film......"fingers crossed"

Kat Candler said...

One of my favorites. Stupidly I own two copies of it.

Anonymous said...

yes! Ok...I was going to be heart broken, If it was consider bad. I love that movie. It is great. I actually just watched it a couple of days ago...

I'm not the biggest fan of horror, cause they usually suck, but "El orfanato" is great!

Kat Candler said...

Most horror films suck. Big time. But the good ones usually knock it out of the park.

Mike said...

A good horror film is the hardest kind of movie to come across...

Kat Candler said...

They are few and far between.