Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Media Marathon for the Sick

Since Saturday I've been sick, sick, sick. I want my sickness to die. I want to kill it and bury it . I'm over being sick. I've missed out on friend hang outs, baby showers, classes and work and it's getting old and annoying. This morning I freaked out and looked up swine flu symptoms. I came to the conclusion that I have almost all of them minus a high fever. So if in three days (as suggested) I'm not feeling better, to the doctor I will go.

One thing I have been doing is watching a ton of films and reading.

Revolutionary Road

Double Indemnity

The Haunting Hour
The Wicker Man
(Nicolas Cage Version)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (again)
The Black Hole

The Hunger Games
(midway through)


David Lowery said...

Black Hole is one of my all time faves. I tried to get my agent a meeting about writing the adaptation that Fincher is doing, but they already had it covered. So the teen movie I'm writing right now is sort of my ode to its spirit.

Lorie said...

Hey sickie puppy -- try viewing some Happy Films to boost your healing! Audrey recommends "Curse of the WereRabbit" (Wallace & Gromit), Finding Nemo, and the original Winnie The Pooh movie. XO

Owen said...

Jodi has been having the same sickies... it's crap. But you're watching some fine movies! Heal on up and have a happy Christmas!