Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Writing

Things are looking good for the new year. Or at least I feel like things are in motion. It looks like Love Me will be optioned by the end of January. Yay! Probably first things first is to change that terrible title. It makes me cringe. Mark was asking what fun thing we would get for this option. Last time we got a Blu Ray Player. I said, "This time we can pay our car insurance! How fun is that?"

And it looks like the teen romance treatments will be getting a round of notes in early January. From there I'll do second drafts before finding out if I get the job. Crazy enough, the film would go into production fall of 2010. Uh, that's a fast turnaround for a script. It's a film that already has a director set up.

I've been working kind of non-stop on a ghost story project tentatively titled The Child Thief. I'm totally digging it. I've got about a 15 page outline going. I've been watching lots of ghost story films for inspiration ... The Others, The Orphanage, Don't Look Now, Lady in White, Wishing Stairs, A Tale of Two Sisters ... I'm a sucker for ghost stories that leave me a weeping mess. Anything with mothers and children, like the original version of Dark Water or a few of the aforementioned ... ugh. As the credits roll in those films, I sob. Yes, they're scary and creepy but man, they can also be an emotional punch in the face. That's what I'd love to do. Or at least try to do. Punch someone in the face. Metaphorically speaking.

Two outlines moving with Toddy. It's nice to balance out the horror/thriller/romance stuff that I've been doing on my own with the crazy, slapstick adventures with Toddy. They make me giggle. And giggling is GOOD!

Oh yeah, Captain Dynamo is "kind of" out there. Not so much. Only two people/companies have it. It's a bigger/studio size project so my contacts in that world are very, very limited.

Ok, back to writing!!!

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