Friday, December 11, 2009

Babble Babble and Mo Babble

I think I've watched more movies in the last seven days than I've watched in like ... forever. All in all, it's probably been about 30 or so. That's not counting 30 - 40 short films I've been watching at UT every night. Both in the theater and on DVD. Just in the last 24 hours ... The Blind Side, The Girl Next Door, A Tale of Two Sisters ... My god, I should get sick more often. Really. Even though I feel much, much better now, does that mean less movies in the upcoming weeks? God, I hope not.

Although now I should be worrying about making more movies. Seriously.

At least I've been writing ... I'll give myself that. Working with Toddy on another possible writing assignment. We pitched another 20 ideas, they picked one, now we outline it. Then hopefully we wow them and they go, "You ladies should write this one. Here's a wad of cash and all the creative freedom you want. Make it big, make it fun."

I started outlining my own new project. I'm trying my hand at horror. I've tried once before and failed. Not completely, just mostly. We'll see how this one goes. I'm taking more care on the front end before diving in. This way I don't get lost in the muckity muck like I did with the last one. I'm using all of the new tools in my writing toolbox with this one. That's what studying does. It helps you get "A"s. Or just write better scripts.

Off to bed before our UT screening in the morning. I'm totally nervous for my kids. In a good way.

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