Saturday, November 07, 2009

So Long South Padre

It's been a most amazing weekend with my two best friends, Clare and Karen. I've known these girls since seventh grade. Clare was my first friend at Stanton College Prep and I had my first french kiss in Karen's backyard. We have lots of awkward adolescent history. I just wish at this point in our lives, we lived a little closer. New York and Austin are way too far apart. And stupid airfare ain't cheap.

Sadly, I've had minor vacation guilt since I've been here. It's time to get home and catch up on worky work. I owe notes and rewrites to Toddy for Never Date a Teen Idol, have to finish up one treatment on my teen romance and start a second one ... and have lots of packages to send out for Love Bug.

But oh, did I need this time desperately to reconnect and catch up with the girls. Hopefully we can do it more often. My sanity and heart need it.

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