Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Eve of a New Story

I've put the pen down, so to speak, on several stories of late. Kind of fitting that it's just in time for the holidays. Toddy and I finished up Never Date a Teen Idol and are now carefully handing it to a few folks to see where it might land. I feel really really good about this script. We created a fun little world. Not to mention a great partnership. I found an easy collaborator in Ms. Burton. I think we lucked out somehow because it was such a fun writing adventure.

I hit the "send" button on the two outlines I was working on and am happy that they're out of my hands. We'll see what comes back. I have to say, it was harder than I thought it'd be. They asked for a 3-5 page treatment and I turned in a 10 page treatment, a 14 page treatment and a mix CD (cause, dude, they need to know what kind of music's in my head when I'm writing this stuff, right?). I couldn't quite manage to squoosh a story into 5 pages. How can you develop character, relationships and voices in a few measly pages? I don't know. It was a good exercise if nothing else.

So yeah, I need to pick up a new story. Toddy and I are brainstorming over the holidays to see what we'll do next. As for my own projects, I have a few ideas. I'd love to go for a different genre. Not kid's comedy, not teen romance, not teen thriller ... maybe not about anyone under 18? I'd really really really really love to write a horror film. Oh but what to do. Not slasher, not torture porn, not gross out. Ok, little missy, must think on this one.

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