Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Mr. Parking Attendant

Dear Mr. Parking Attendant Man at 25th and Guadualupe,
Please take note that when you're an asshole to people at 8am in the morning who are just starting their day, it kind of ruins the rest of their morning. It puts them in a sad/bad mood that they can't shake simply because you were a mean jerkwad. I know, it's crazy to think you have that much control over someone's state of mind. What a difference a jerky comment or attitude makes opposed to a simple smile. Next time, consider being nice when talking to people. I swear, it goes a long, long way. And would probably make you a happier person.

Now don't get me wrong. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if it were the first time. I'd have thought, "Oh man, something sucky must've happened to this guy to make him such a sour puss." Cause in general, I let things roll off me." Just let it go," I try to tell myself. But when it happens over and over again-- well, it just bums me out. So instead of spending my $20/week at your little parking lot (because UT doesn't pay for my parking) I'll walk across the street to the garage where I just have to deal with cash machines which somehow never seem to give me attitude.

I hope that whatever it is in your life that's making you so incredibly unpleasant to interact with turns around for you.

UT Parking Customer


Mace said...

Stick it to the man, Kat!

Joan Blake said...

You should submit this one to

This one is a great topic to put on there!

Chris said...

Hey Kat,

Congrats on Love Bug at AFF!

Here's a different story from parking attendants:
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