Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock Falls, Illinois - Wrap Up

I'm pooped after a long, full day in Rock Falls, Illinois. Savannah and I got in yesterday afternoon. The drive from the Moline airport to our hotel in Rock Falls was nice. Lots and lots of hay. Lots and lots of John Deere tractors. And lots and lots of GORGEOUS trees covered in red, orange and bright yellow leaves. So this is what it looks like to have actual seasons.

I woke up super early to spend the morning finishing up my draft of our Never Date a Teen Idol script to hand back to Toddy. And had a great great phone chat about a writing assignment. As a result, I have two treatments to hand off in a few weeks. This afternoon, Savannah and I spent time visiting the Whiteside County Health Clinic, the Sauk Valley Community College Theater Department and being on a panel at a packed screening for jumping off bridges. It was a wildly successful trip and we met so many wonderful people. I always love that part.

But with all that said, I'm anxious to get home to Mark and my cat, Pork Chop. And start my Austin Film Festival adventures! I'm comin' home guys!


abc said...

Man, wish I had known. Rock Falls is right by my hometown of Dixon, IL (lots of my classmates went to Sauk Valley Community College). Now I am only 2 hours away!

Kat Candler said...

dixon came up a few times. i've never been there, but apparently we were super close by. it was a fun trip.

abc said...

OH, you didn't miss anything by not making it to Dixon. Unless you want to see a statue of Ronald Reagan on a horse. Or another statue of Ronald Reagan feeding pigeons. Or another statue of what looks like a giant penis with wings. Well, that might have been worth it.