Friday, October 30, 2009

House of the Devil - Opens in Austin

I'm a big horror film fan. Let me rephrase that ... I love "good" horror films. Not that stupid torture porn crap that's sadly infested our theaters and DVD shelves for the last few years. Please god, make it go away. Just because there's blood and guts and things that go bump in the night doesn't mean you can forget about story and suspense. My husband likes to blame the French for turning American horror sour. He also likes to blame David Fincher's Seven, but I won't go that far. What I will say is that after going to Fantastic Fest this year, my faith was restored. I got to see Ti West's House of the Devil. I have yet to see his last film Trigger Man but caught The Roost on DVD and immediately knew that this guy has "it". If you've talked to me in the last few months, you might've heard me singing praises up and down for House of the Devil. I freakin' loved it. It'll be in my top ten films of the year, no questions asked. It's a story that gets under your skin. It's a film that reminds you what cinema is supposed to be like. Maybe we've all been to too many bad movies that our crap meter is pretty skewed. But when you see a film like House of the Devil, well, for me, it makes me want to make better movies. Because now I've seen how it's really done. And how even genre movies can be great pieces of cinema.

So if you're in Austin, you're in luck. Because House of the Devil is playing at the Alamo South Lamar. Please, please, please go see this film. Support good movies. Remind the studios that audiences are smart and appreciate well crafted films.

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Your Husband said...

I don't blame the French for turning American horror sour, I put that solely on Fincher and Se7en.

But I do fault the French for following suit.