Friday, October 02, 2009

Hey Real World, I Remember You

After a fantastic week at Fantastic Fest, I've remembered what the real world beyond the Alamo South Lamar walls looks like. And if I don't eat Alamo food for a long long while, I'll probably be the healthier for it. Fantastic Fest was super duper fun, but I have to say goodbye ... until next year.

Now, back to the real world!

Prepping Love Bug and Quarter to Noon for more upcoming festivals. Making quicktimes, DVDs, sending them out. Applying for more festivals.

Back to work on Never Date a Teen Idol, a script that Toddy and I are writing. We're diving back into our second draft. It's my week to take the reigns on our sassy little romantic teen comedy.

In about a week I'll get a few more notes on my teen thriller Love Me and a possible new writing assignment that I'm hoping to land. Another teen love story. Yes, I've been appropriately tagged the "teen" writer. But I'm cool with it. The premise for this new one (if I get it) is pretty cool and there's some fun situations and ideas I can play with.

One more pass at Captain Dynamo before I register it with the WGA and the Library of Congress. I'm close to taking it out to the studios/companies who, of course, will flip for it, pay me tons of money and send it straight into production. Oh yeah, and let me direct. One can only hope.

And then there's school. My students are prepping for a mid-to late October shoot schedule. I'm so excited to see their stories come to life and watch them shine. We've got some good ones (projects and students) this semester.

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