Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

Things are moving and shaking. Or maybe that's just my hips when I listen to Beyonce. Yay Beyonce!

I'm headed to Rock Falls, Illinois Wednesday morning with Savannah Welch. We'll participate in a panel at a jumping off bridges screening. And then a Q&A at a local college theater department. Should be fun. I can't remember the last time Savannah and I hung out. A long time ago probably.

More phone meetings about a possible writing assignment. Apparently a meeting in Nashville went really well. Hopefully that means I'll land the assignment. Crossing all fingers and toes.

And then back on Friday for the Austin Film Festival where I have two films playing. Lots and lots of friends heading to town from LA and Dallas. I'll race from the airport on Friday to the (always fun) BBQ at the French Legation. That's where all the cool kids hang out.

I think on the plane to and from Rock Falls, I'll be pouring back through The Spider in the Bathtub. I have to get my ducks in a row to start some CG conversations next week. We're ready to get some more bids. I haven't read the script in a good while. It's kind of strange juggling so many projects. But in a good way.

Oh yeah, and I got a bunch of emails that over the weekend Love Bug won the Flatland Film Festival. Sweet! Thank you Flatland Film Festival!

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Ama Livia Reynolds said...

Kat, I am so amazed by and proud of and thrilled for you and love you so much it makes me stupid. South Padre Girls Weekend 2009 here we fucking come! xo