Monday, October 26, 2009

AFF Day 2 (For Kat)

I bid a fond farewell to Clay, Nate and the Dallas crew yesterday morning at the Filmmaker's Brunch. Then headed over to the "What Gets Producer's Excited" panel (which is a terrible title for a panel btw). Lots of information I already knew or have already been through, I guess. Ended up chatting with the associate producer from The Scenesters for a good long while about movies and the movie going experience. I swear if you just bring up projection, a movie or growing up in a movie theater I can talk your poor, little ear off. Later on, did the Q&A for Quarter to Noon which was nice to see the other Texas Filmmaker's Showcase filmmakers again. And ended the night watching the great Ben Foster in The Messengers. I could stare at his face and his performance all day long. There's a scene in the kitchen between him and Samantha Morton which is one of the best scenes of the year. Just beautiful.

Tonight Quarter to Noon plays again at the Arbor at 5pm. I'll race up there after my UT class for the Q&A. Hoping to see some shorts after that.

Tuesday night at 9m at the Hideout, Love Bug plays for one last time. Please, please, please, come out and see it. Love Bug is also up for the audience award so please come out and vote.

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