Sunday, October 25, 2009

AFF Day 1 (For Kat)

I'm not really counting the few hours I spent at the BBQ or playing hooky from the fest on Friday to eat dinner and grab drinks with friends.

Today began my festival adventures. After two panels ... Kirsten Smith (The House Bunny, 10 Things I Hate About You) and the inspiring and hilarious Crime/Suspense panel I ended up having a dinner date with Leslie, Brent Joseph, Vicki Boone and Alex Thomas. Always fun to run into random friends and catch up. From their I skipped out on more panels and camped out at the Driskill bar-- for about 4 hours or so. But that's where I ran into the Dallas crew and eventually Glen and Cyndy Powell and Savannah Welch for a mini JOB reunion. SO good to see Glen and his mom and have a chance to catch up and hear about Glen's successes in Los Angeles.

And then ... and then ... the Love Bug screening at the Hideout which went really really well. We got a great reception to the film. Oh to hear the audience laughter is just the best. And to be able to share that experience with the cast and crew ... love it. And to watch people dote on little Reese and Kelsey afterwards. Too cute.

Tomorrow, some brunches, panels, Quarter to Noon and some more movies.

So I'm totally beat and my poor husband is sick and deprived of any attention from his wife. I come home find him having a mini marathon of Super Nanny, bless his heart.

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Anonymous said...

Kelsey enjoyed last night so much. She has just talked on and on about it. she felt like such a movie star. Thank you a million times for the opportunity you gave her. She has had a smile all day.