Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stress Stress Go Away - Don't Come Back Ever

With a bit of good news this morning, I feel like hopefully, potentially a huge weight will be lifted off my little shoulders soon.

Money = sucky. I hate it. And I hate not having it. But I think in all my years, not having a lot of money has made me a pretty scrappy individual. I have a "can do" attitude that has gotten me wherever the hell it is I am today.

So yeah, I was telling a friend last night, I've kind of shifted my attitude about writing and directing from "This is something I do for fun and I love it and it's cool and creative and that's awesome, cause I love it and it's cool and oh, money schmoney." to "This is what I do and this is my job and this is my paycheck and this is how I pay the bills and I need to write to make money and direct to make money and I can still love it just as much and be happy because I get to do what I love and get paid for it. The end."

Things are moving. Things are shaking. After a summer of waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I have a sneaky suspicion that that waiting time is over. Or at least I'm fooling myself that it is. Sigh.


~L~ said...

Do what you truly love and the money will follow.

Lorie said...

It's not money = sucky! It's money = more resources to play with. And, you deserve those resources and will do terrific things with them, in your life and in your work.