Friday, September 11, 2009

A little stressed ...

This is how I feel today. I'm wading through a long list of "to dos" that recently doubled. It's been a busy beginning of the semester at UT. Between reading and giving notes on a bunch of student scripts and pitches, I've had like no time. I've let several of my own projects fall to the wayside.

Love Bug and Quarter to Noon are prepping for a few upcoming festivals. Savannah Welch and I head to a screening of jumping off bridges in October and then jumping will have another small screening in Austin next month. So between prepping all of the materials for a bunch of upcoming screenings, it's been ... busy.

Luckily Mark's been doing all of the research into what we need to see at Fantastic Fest which is in two weeks. How did time fly these last few months? I want to rewind a little and go back to the summer.

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