Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fantastic Fest - Only Two Days Left

Oh man, I'm tired. Watching so many movies is hard work! But it's been a blast. Only two days left and already, I'm bailing after two films a day. I'm a wimp, I know. Hopefully I can stick it out and catch Fish Story and Salvage.

Down Terrace
Wow, this film takes you from lighthearted laugh out loud laughter to a huge pit of discomfort in your stomach. From stellar performances to smart writing, it's a film I'm still thinking about.

The House of the Devil
Man, oh man, I love this movie. I love it. One of my favorite films of the year. When it opens next month in select cities, go see it.

Interesting story, but whoever compared it to Paradise Lost was a little confused.

You can feel the love for these filmmakers at Fantastic Fest. I've heard Mirage Man is incredible. I enjoyed the film, but wasn't flipping out for it. Marko Zaror will be the next Jason Statham. Quote me on that.

Stingray Sam
I was however flipping out for this film. Dude. Dude! Cory McAbee, you're my new hero. You can check out the film in its six sections at www.stingray.com.

Kaifeck Murder
Whoa. Not good. Totally confusing. Emotionless. Huh.

Under the Mountain
Harks back to Escape to Witch Mountain. A fun 90 minutes.

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