Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mark's Blu-Ray Player

My husband's been begging begging BEGGING me to buy a Blu-Ray player since last spring. I told him ... as soon as I get a substantial check from a movie I've made or a movie I've written, we'll race to Best Buy and get it. "Substantial", of course, is a relative term.

So the poor boy's been waiting patiently ever since then. He's good like that. Because it's not really about an actual Blu-Ray player, you see, it's more about what buying that Blu-Ray player represents. A decent career step. And it's close. My amazing, wonderful, badass lawyer assures me "we're very, very close". It's been a long summer back and forth, back and forth. And I've learned a whole lot about the legalities of it all in the process. So yeah, it's been a good thing. But I'm ready for it to be over and done. I'm ready to move on to the fun part. And Mark's ready to have his Blu-Ray player.


Ama Livia Reynolds said...

i, too, am ready for the deep symbolism of the blu-ray player, which will mean that you fucking RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1OMG!PONIES!

Anonymous said...

So exciting!!! I can't wait to see everything confirmed. You ROCK!!!