Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Day in Jacksonville

Kat and Caroline.

My older bro Robert and my two nieces.

Cutie patootie head, Emma.

Silly girls.

BFF, Karen.

BFF, Amasita.

I head to the chiropractor in the morning before I take off for Texas. I've developed this weirdo shooting pain in my left arm over the last several days. I'm getting old, I suppose. Or my left arm is dying. Maybe they'll cut it off.

Aside from my dead arm, it's been a pretty wonderful trip. I spent tons of time with the Candler family. Played lots of "you be mama princess and I'll be baby princess". Took my niece and nephews to see Ponyo. Spent quality time with my mom and dad (much needed) and saw two of my BFFs for a short but sweet visit. Bounced some future movie ideas off my two nephews who are five and eight. Basically they want me to make a movie about Lego Land. I decided it was too much to explain to them about copyright issues on that one. But all in all, a great trip. Too short, of course, but next time I get to bring Uncle Marky with me.


Joe M. O'Connell said...

There actually IS a Lego movie in the works:

ama reynolds said...

miss you already my love. also. the way you captured that sweat stain. classic.