Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing Marathon Month

That's me, a few years back, a little skinnier and a little more in shape crossing a finish line at a 10k. I remember that day very well. I remember it being crazy hot and sweaty and lots of irksome eastside hills. But I did it. I'm hoping to get back into running (outside) once the weather settles down a bit.

But this just reminds me. I've seriously been on a crazy ass writing marathon these last few weeks. Literally starting around 9am and finishing around 6pm, sometimes until 8pm or 9pm if I'm on a roll. My poor husband. God bless him. But I can see the light. I promised myself July would be the month. The month I said "no" to lunches with friends, "no" to calling it an early day and "no" to quitting when the going got tough.

I handed over the first full draft of Never Date a Teen Idol to Toddy this morning. Got it down to a decent 111 pages. It's in good shape. Still needs work. Still needs finessing, but it's really getting there. It's been a great experience working with a writing partner. And quick too. I guess that's what happens when you put two badasses together. At least that's what Toddy says.

And Captain Dynamo just took a whole new third act direction. Let's just say-- now I have aliens, helicopters, guns, cliff falling, and well, the army involved. I'm prepping, frantically, for a read through with actors next Wednesday. Trying to get it as tight as tight can be so ... a) I don't look like an idiot when I hand my script over and ... b) I can get the most out of the read through and the feedback.

Paperwork finally arrived this morning on another project. But I think it has one more round in the lawyers' hands before I can put a signature on the dotted line. I've got my pen ready.

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