Monday, July 27, 2009

Outlinin' It

I was never an outline kind of girl-- until now. I was the writer, too impatient to think things through. I'd just open Final Draft and jump right in. For me, there are the pros and cons to this little scenario. I loved not knowing where the story would lead me. I loved being surprised by my characters and their choices. Especially when they'd take those fun unexpected turns. The downside of not outlining-- sometimes your story gets really really lost and tangled and it's hard and time consuming to rope it back in and get it back under control. Hence having 20 some odd drafts of something.

The first time and only time I've ever outlined anything was recently with Toddy on our teen script. She taught me a lot in that process. And for the script that we were writing, it was crucial. Act one, two and three, mid-point-- all that good stuff. We drew up pretty hefty character sketches which was probably my favorite part. With the outline and the character sketches, we were able to whip out the first draft super fast. It was already on the page, we just had to flesh out moments and dialogue. Having a writing partner, I think outlines are completely necessary.

I'm working on a new outline for a kids/family film to turn in mid-August. It's working title is The Lemon Wars. It's pretty simple, but I'm trying to make it bigger. The problem, I consistently have, and I'm trying so hard to break out of it is ripping off my tiny indie producing hat and going all out on something. Don't worry about cost, Kat. No longer your problem. So yeah, I like that. Go big. BIG!

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mikehedge said...

go BIG!! neat!