Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Epic Teen Comedy

I'm loving my freedom. Nothing scheduled, nothing planned just hours and hours of writing time. Right now, it's my job. And that's the way I have to look at it.

Although just like any other job, I find myself sneaking onto the internet, checking my email, checking twitter, procrastinating. IMing with friends. Bad, bad, bad. Shame on me.

I barely make it into my office these days. My interns are holding down the fort there. While I love being there, it's full of too many fun distractions. So I spend my time at Flight Path. I spend my time at Zen. Those are my writing safe havens.

Speaking of writing. I have two more solid days of working on the teen comedy. It's been fully outlined, lots of dialogue already. So now we're pouring through from the beginning creating our first full draft. Toddy had it last week, I have it this week. I'm on page 66 and I haven't even made it to the half point yet. I'm afraid we might have a Gone with the Wind of teen comedies on our hands.

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