Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Los Angeles - Day Five

It was a day of meetings. All really good. I feel like I'm moving forward in a lot of ways. I feel like doors that were just barely cracked are finally starting to swing open a little wider. It's taken a while, but maybe that's how I roll. One of my meetings described me as a slow and steady success. I hope he's right. I'm trying, I guess.

I caught up with several of my Tribeca friends for a long dinner at Dupar's. It was nice to see familiar faces and listen to their stories in the studio system and otherwise. It's crazy how much I've learned about this business and writing and what success means over the last year. It's been good and I'm trying to take the many lessons and apply them toward my career. Hopefully crossing all fingers and toes, things will pop soon. Hopefully I can report on a few minor successes in the upcoming weeks.

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