Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lame Ass Writing Day

I was up at Flight Path by 8am sharp, ready to get some crazy shiznistic writing done. Here's what I did instead for three hours.
  1. Updated my checkbook.
  2. Updated all of my UT Hand Outs
  3. Updated my UT Calendar
  4. Sent a Class Recap to my Script to Screen Class
  5. Updated my UT Syllabus
  6. Corresponded with some UT folks about end of semester screenings, sound mixes ...
  7. Not one single lick of writing. Didn't even open the Final Draft.
Then I tried Zen. Got my veggie bowl and DC and went to work. But the more I wrote, the deeper the hole I dug than the deep hole I started with.

So then I came home and figured maybe a chocolate chip cookie would help! Yay, chocolate chip cookies!!!! Did it? Nope. But boy oh boy, did it taste good. Yummy!!!

So then I was trying to figure out how to attach a photo to a tweet reply and started messing around with photobooth. And then Stacy emailed and I got distracted with figuring out the twitter thing. And THEN Adam emailed me about this Herzog thing that I emailed him about earlier in the day and now I'm just procrastinating like nobody's business. Damn you, lame ass writing day!!!!


areynolds said...

you are so cool.

Pete Bauer said...

Haha, that is SO true! I've had so many of those days. I don't know any writer that really WANTS to write as much as they HAVE to write.

I know how much work it's going to take once I start writing that I too find myself doing just about ANYthing before I start.

Then I get to the point where I can't put it off any longer. Once I start, I love it. Then I get exhausted and the whole process starts over again.

Lame ass writing days could also be called "very productive non-writing days!" :)

Kat Candler said...

absolutely true. but then the next day = kick ass writing day!