Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kick Ass Writing Day

From about 8:30am until about 6pm marked a kick ass writing day. Did a fairly decent rewrite of Captain Dynamo. I think/hope I picked up the second act a bit per the feedback from my trusted friends. I got in a groove over at Einstein's Bagels until about noon when my flip flop broke. I had to come home, bare foot and put on a new pair of shoes. So between home and an afternoon lunch spot, I worked on Mr. Dynamo until about 4pm. At which time I found Toddy's new draft of our teen movie in my inbox. So I happily switched gears and read through the 101 pages we have so far. I'm excited, because I whizzed through it and got totally into our two main kid characters. Ugh, teen love. It's so freakin' dramatic. I love it.

So first thing in the morning (after meeting a student) I dig right in and finish up the 20 or so scenes we have left and bust out our first full draft. I have a feeling it'll round out at about 120 - 130 pages. So we'll have some chopping and trimming to do, but the hard core heart of it is on the page. Every last little angst ridden bit.

P.S. This is how lame me and Mark can be. Those photos behind my fist are the photos that came with the frames. We haven't put real photos in yet. It's been a few months now. We should really do that.

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