Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad ... well, he rules. Plain and simple. He's a really cool guy. Super funny, sweet, hard working and still has that child like sense of wonder and imagination that spilled over to me and my brother. He's a jokester. He likes to make funny voices like Daffy Duck (it's a pretty good impression). He loves to tell stories and capture the attention of a whole room acting out every little detail. He loved to put together scavenger hunts for my birthday parties and help me build tree forts. He'd write me letters every day when I was at summer camp and decorate the envelopes with cartoon characters. He drove me up to Boston my freshman year of college and pointed out all of the cool places along the way.

He always pushed me to make an A+ when I came home with an A. And finish everything I started (even those damn lima beans). He taught me to be independent and head strong. He came to every single school play, community theater performance, premiere screening ... And never does a phone conversation go by without him telling me how proud he is of me.

Some of my fondest memories are going to the movies together. Whether it was sniffling through The Secret of Nimh, being completely confused in Dune, or captivated by Labyrinth. He took me and my brother to everything ... The Dark Crystal, Flight of the Navigator, Explorers, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, I even remember him skipping work to take us in the summertime (Iron Eagle 2). God bless, him. Cause what my dad gave me as a kid was a sense of adventure, an imagination and a deep appreciation for movies.

Someday when I make my own Goonies and me and my dad sit in the theater together with a room full of families and kids and I can hear his laughter and watch him smile ... that will be the day when I say, I've made it.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you so much.

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