Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Be an Asshole

The film world is much smaller than you think. Within Austin city walls and beyond. People talk. And something people talk about is who they will and won't work with again. Even if you're on a small set, even if you're on a student set, ESPECIALLY if you're on a student set, you have no idea who the people you're working with are or who they know. It's a small world. Not to mention people are learning, working for free-- So when you start being rude, condescending, inappropriate on set, trust me, the word will spread. People will warn other people and those people will warn others. I've sent many a warning myself. I have a list. Students, friends, peers ask me all the time about actors, crew. And if someone's on that list, I'll be the first to say Don't work with that person.

And on the flip side ... if you're AMAZING, a total joy, hard working, kick ass human being, I'll be the first to recommend you, send kind words or stick my neck out for ya.

My little words of wisdom: Don't be an asshole. In film or in life. Seriously.


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You said it right!!! :)